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Brian Tabick

Brian Tabick is a Multimedia Journalist for KIMT.

Title: Multimedia Journalist

Brian Tabick was born in Roselle, a northwest suburb of Chicago.

He later moved to Algonquin, Illinois. There, he attended Jacobs High School. As a freshman, he knew he wanted to pursue a career in journalism. Growing up, his family frequently watched the local news and he eventually became fascinated with how the news industry works.

After attending Jacobs High School, he started at a community college, Harper College in Palatine, not far from where he lived. There, he spent time taking several writing courses as well as public speaking classes before he obtained a spot on the school’s radio station. In his radio show, he discussed the news headlines as well trending news stories that happened for the day.

After graduating from Harper College, he ended his radio show and ventured to Chicago where he started school at Columbia College. Attending Columbia isn’t a memory he will soon forget.

“The connections with the people you meet, not only with the students, but with the teachers, is something that you will cherish forever”, he says. “The teachers really know how to push you and make sure you are putting your best work into what you are doing.”

Brian really enjoyed the introductory classes at Columbia, but he was thirsty too keep pushing himself to quench his interest in the news world.

He started interning at Fox 32 Chicago. He started working there as a sports intern. He would frequently go out to interview the players after sporting events. If he wasn’t out helping with interviews, he could be found watching and editing the highlights for the evening broadcast.

Still not completely fulfilling his need for the news, Brian eventually moved to the news department of Fox 32 and started working in the city as a local freelance reporter with a few other students when he finished his shift at Fox.

After working as a freelance reporter for almost a year and finishing school at Columbia, he received a call from KIMT News 3 to work as the camera operator. Thrilled by the idea of working in the industry and being able to tell the facts of the news for KIMT, Brian jumped at the job and now works as the live truck operator as well as covering local events.