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Rochester Public Schools make change to school year schedule

Superintendent Michael Munoz said the change is only temporary.

Posted: Feb. 8, 2018 7:55 AM
Updated: Feb. 8, 2018 7:55 AM

ROCHESTER, Minn. - Rochester students will start the upcoming school year before Labor Day. As a result, the students will also get out of school for summer a week earlier. 

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This change is due to an indoor air-quality project that will take place over summer 2019. The change gives crews an extra two weeks to complete the project. 

Andy Petzold is a father of two in the district. He said the change can be inconvienent but is for the greater good of the children.

"That's definitely... children's health is kind of... very important not kind of important very important," he said. 

Superintendent Michael Munoz said the change is only temporary and the school year will return to starting after labor day once the project is completed. 

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