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A full-service hospital is feasible in Albert Lea

Quorum Health Resources reports a full-service hospital in Albert Lea is possible under the "right conditions."

Posted: Dec. 5, 2017 11:58 PM
Updated: Dec. 5, 2017 11:58 PM

ALBERT LEA, Minn. - People in Ablert Lea gathered at a local auditorium to hear the long awaited results of Quorum Health Resources' study. 

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The company was hired to look into the long-term feasibility of a full-service, acute care hospital in Albert Lea. 

This was done after Mayo Clinic announced in June of this year it would be consolidating it's Albert Lea and Austin Campuses. Under this plan, services such as labor and delivery would only be available in Austin. 

The company reported full-service hospital is possible in Albert Lea, but it would have to be run perfectly. 

The company reccommended Albert Lea and Freeborn county continue to work with Mayo on retaining certain patient services while looking for other health providers to either purchase the Albert Lea facility from Mayo, or build a brand new one. 

Mayo Clinic is not looking to sell the Albert Lea campus, saying in a statement:

"Over the past several months, we have heard the concerns from our community, and the questions that we continue to receive and respond to are important. The facts are that we remain committed to our patients, our employees, and the people of Albert Lea and Austin. We are honored to be this community’s long-time health care provider, and we intend to be here to care for future generations. While it is not Mayo Clinic’s decision as to whether other providers come to Albert Lea, we are not interested in leaving Albert Lea, and therefore the medical center is not for sale."

Dialogue is the first step from here, but Joel Erikson with the Save Our Hospital group isn't sure this will happen. 

"We've been inviting them to send the people who are the decision makers. We'd love to have Noseworthy come and visit us," he said. 

Erikson said conversations with Mayo don't lead to much, saying they stick to the same talking points. 

But that doesn't mean negotiating with Mayo is off othe table. 

"It can be a win, win situation if Mayo would work with us because there are tremendous people who are behind wanting to give services here," he said. 

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